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Beside public performances we (pupils, friends, colleagues and me) made also recordings of folk, folk rock and blues.

More music on youtube channel  stez181

Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie (Jugend Folkband Bretten 2003).mp3 (4:03)
Robert Tannahill  (1774-1810),  Scotland, arr.  K.Stezenbach

Old Bangum (Jugend Folkband Bretten 2003).mp3 (4:31)
Trad.  USA,  arr.  K.Stezenbach

Cam' Ye O'er Frae France (Jugend Folkband Bretten 2003).mp3 (3:08)
Trad.  Scotland, arr. K.Stezenbach

All Things Are Quite Silent (Jugend Folkband Bretten 2003).mp3 (4:15)
Trad.  England,  arr.  K.Stezenbach

Song Of The Knight (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2007).mp3 (4:04)
Music: trad.  Armenia (Asmar Aghchick &  Sirus guespassem) /Lyrics: Siamanto (Atom  Yarjanyan)  (1878-1915), English  translation by Alice  Stone Blackwell  (1857-1950) / Music & Lyrics arranged by Klaus Stezenbach
The present copyright holder of translations of Armenian poetry by Alice Stone Blackwell could not found out till now and is  requested to come forward and send a message to info@kstez.de !

The Snow It Melts The Soonest (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2007).mp3 (3:25)
Trad.  England, arr. K.Stezenbach

Twa Corbies (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2007).mp3 (3:29)
Trad.  Scotland, arr. K.Stezenbach

Raggle-Taggle Gypsies (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2008).mp3 (3:55)
Trad.  Scotland, arr. K.Stezenbach

Tha Mi Sgith (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2008).mp3 (5:03)
Trad.  Scotland (Hebrides),  arr.  K.Stezenbach

Lamento di Tristano & La Rotta (Jugend Folkband Bretten 2003).mp3 (3:26)
Italy about 1400, arr. K.Stezenbach

My Love's In Germany (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (3:40)
Trad.  Scotland, arr. K.Stezenbach

Lord Franklin (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (3:51)
Trad.  Scotland/Ireland/Canada, arr. K.Stezenbach

Farmland Blues (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (3:40)
Trad.  USA, arr. K.Stezenbach

Maienzeit & Wohl dir liebe sumerzit (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (6:00)
Trad.  Germany/Austria, arr. K.Stezenbach

Shalom Aleichem & Dodi Li (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (5:50)
Trad.  Israel, arr. K.Stezenbach

Bärentanz & Danza del Oso (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (3:26)
Trad.  Germany/Spain, arr. K.Stezenbach

Ha-Nokdim & Hora Agadati (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (3:26)
Trad.  Israel, arr. K.Stezenbach

Timber (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (3:41)
Trad.  USA, arr. K.Stezenbach

Ich gesach die heide & Uns is kommen ein  liebe Zeit (Kraichgau Ceilidh Band 2005).mp3 (5:06)
Neidhart von Reuental (13th century), arr. K.Stezenbach

Braw Braw Lads (Linda & Klaus 2002).mp3 (3:18)
Trad.  Scotland, arr. K.Stezenbach

A Kangaroo Sat On An Oak (Linda & Klaus 2002).mp3 (2:52)
Trad.  USA/Canada, arr. K.Stezenbach

Bonny At Morn (Linda & Klaus 2002).mp3 (3:17)
Trad.  Scotland, arr. K.Stezenbach

Parnassus Hill (Linda & Klaus 2002).mp3 (5:50)
Scotland/Lyrics: Robert Burns (1759-1796); Melody: Trad. Gaelic (An cluinn thu mi mo nighean donn?),  arr. K.Stezenbach

Chylde Owlett (Linda & Klaus 2002).mp3 (4:31)
Trad.  Scotland, arr. K.Stezenbach

As Sylvie Was Walking (Linda & Klaus 2002).mp3 (3:33)
Trad.  England/Australia,  arr.  K.Stezenbach

Z' Müllen an der Post (Linda & Klaus 2002).mp3 (3:17)
Trad.  South-Baden/Alsace, arr. K.Stezenbach

stez 1990-96: stez.zip

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